What is “Rooting”?

The operating system of the mesmerizing Android phone was a dummy for the use of private and commercial purposes. In this operating system, many things are paralyzed for the regular user to cause everlasting harm to the operating system or for future use. Rooting is the operating procedure where the restrictions are eliminated to offer you the full access of the phone. After one click root of the Android phone, you will get more access over the performance, features, and several other settings of the device. In general, rooting an Android phone means to get into the root of operating system by globally converting the facilities.


The disadvantages of a root android phone are mainly:

1. Rooting involves possibility of bricking the phone. Bricking of a phone means where software error or harm of firmware has occurred resulting the phone to be unusable. So, it is as similar as to carry a brick on your pocket. The phone becomes totally dead during bricking.

2. Rooting empties your phone’s warranty instantly. After rooting, don’t give back the phone for servicing or any kind of warranty work.

The other disadvantages of a root Android phone of a little less worth are:

1. Viruses as intruder. Viruses can intrude on the Android smartphone by one root click. After rooting, the people mainly flash their ROMs with individualized program. During converting the software code, it is possible for the virus to make an entry.

2. Poor performance level. The intention of a root Android phone is to provide its customers a high performance with several other extra features, and to allow an incredible speed. However, the one click root fails to provide these services. Many of the customers have a query regarding the lost performance level, features, and speed of the Android phone. You should necessarily remember that the rooting process transforms the stock operating system of the Android phone which is harmful.


The root Android phone has several beneficial aspects although

1. Runs extraordinary features. Superuser is a feature provided only by a root Android phone. This allows you to gain complete control over the applications which have access to the root process. Rooting also offers you to tether a PC with the Android phone so that you can enjoy internet browsing on the PC itself without the support of phone’s data connection. Another feature of root Android phone helps you to use a Wi-Fi Hotspot and you don’t have to pay your provider for this special feature.

2. Emptying up the memory. When you install a downloaded file or application, it is stored in the memory of the phone. With one click root, you can transfer the installed file directly to the SD card. Hence, the phone memory becomes empty for more loading extra applications or files.

3.  Personalized ROMs. This feature is strong and effective in root Android phones. The personalized ROMs help you to process the speed of the phone to change the entire feel and appearance of the phone.


The root Android phone has attractive features which help you to draw attention towards it and the charisma is effective too.  However, a bricked phone is not very amusing to keep it with you.